Vintage Watch Jewelry

First time Blogging.

First I have to say I struggle writing,  I am slightly dyslexic so I struggle with spelling. This slows my process of putting words on paper.  I am alway looking up words for correct spelling.  This leads to my train of thought getting scrambled.  I have to check two, three times for correct spelling.  I am humbled and terribly embarrassed but there it is.  My writing process.

I want my first blog entry to reveal my new jewelry line.  Michelle Shaw Jewelry tadah! *dramatic announcement.  This blog will mainly be about my transitional story from assembling Victorian Folly Jewelry to silver smithing Michelle Shaw Jewelry.

I will always produce all my faithful Victorian Folly designs.  There actually is some interest from my Daughter Sarah to expand the in person selling in California.    Well thats the end for today.  My partner just came in to talk about his work politics.  Derailed the train.  

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