Victorian Folly was founded in 2015, inspired by the Steampunk movement and the Victorian and Industrial Eras. Victorian Folly uses quality metals, chains, and Swarovski crystals to develop unique adornments from earrings to cufflinks.There is something for everyone who's looking to add a little flair to their everyday.

Michelle Shaw is the founder of and sole creator for Victorian Folly. Her love for jewelry and jewelry making dates back to the 80s when she taught herself to craft fun items for herself and her friends. Michelle has always been creative, and after having her two daughters, made sure that arts and crafts were at the center of their home. Hand-sewn costumes at Halloween, bejeweled crowns for birthday parties, expertly stitched quilts were just some of the ways this creativity manifested. 

Michelle's first exposure to Steampunk was at the Phoenix Fan Fusion with her daughter, Sarah. She watched two young men run around the convention center with their Steampunk-themed weapons and garments. She eventually came across more of the group. Michelle met women in beautifully crafted Victorian-era dresses that taught her about a science fiction world where steam was the main power source. Inspired, Michelle went home and broke out her old jewelry making supplies and started crafting.

Fast forward to today, Michelle consistently vends at Phoenix Fan Fusion as well as other artisan markets around the country. She continues to develop her craft and has taken up silver smithing, with a new line for Michelle Shaw Jewelry coming soon. Michelle loves to meet fellow Steampunk enthusiasts and anyone who share in her love for all things SciFi and arts related. You can find her on Instagram (@victorianfolly), Facebook (Victorian Folly), and in-store at Kei Collective in Phoenix, Ariz

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